Additional Services

Additional Services

Along with our partnerships we also provide day-to-day assistance to our clients. Below are some of the additional services we offer.

Resume Assistance

Whether you are just updating your resume or you need to start from scratch, we can assist you. We have resume examples and templates plus we can aid you in finding more resume ideas and job search information on-line.

Form Assistance

Are you looking for some forms such as birth certificate, passport, SIN, or old-age pension applications? Maybe you could just use a hand in filling them out. We can help.

Job Advertisements

We are constantly on the lookup for interesting and available new jobs. Once we find them, we post them on one of our many Job Search bulletin boards so YOU can check them out!

Employment Insurance

Do you need to apply for Employment Insurance (EI), or do you need assistance with completion of the forms/reports? Perhaps you just have a few questions about EI. Start with us and lets see if we can help you.

Computer, fax & photocopier

Along with all our other services we also offer use of our computer kiosk, fax machine and photocopier for the purpose of resumes, job research, training and other employment related tasks.