Mission & Vision

Vision, Mission and Core Values

The VISION of the AN-HRSD is...

To have fully self-sufficient individuals within the First Nation community who contribute to their own well-being and that of their families and community, and who serve as good parents and models for our future generations.

The MISSION of the AN-HRSD is....

To enable our clients to achieve their goals for self-sufficiency through meaningful and sustainable employment by providing the best possible services and support in:

Career counselling, Training, Development, and Access to employment.

By client we mean the individual members of the Algonquin community of  Timiskaming First Nation (TFN), including the members residing in the surrounding communities in Québec and Ontario, located on Algonquin traditional territory.

The services of the AN-HRSD are provided in a manner that is fully consistent with, and supportive of, our Anishinabe identity, culture and values.

The following Core Values shall guide the AN-HRSD and its personnel in all their dealings, decisions and conduct:

Respect for the dignity of each person, including honesty, sincerity and courteousness, and attentiveness to the particular needs and aspirations of each person.

Professionalism, including high standards of knowledge, competence, and conduct, and the commitment to consistently meet obligations and deadlines, with all adherence to confidentiality.

Support, resourcefulness and reliability, based on attentive listening, a commitment to find effective win-win solutions, and a willingness to look at better ways of doing things.

Results, with a firm commitment to achieve goals in a timely and sustainable manner.