Adult Education Program

Adult Education Program

AN-HRSD offers an adult education program which allows you to obtain your high school diploma. Upon completion of your high school diploma, AN-HRSD will assist you with applications for colleges and universities along with applications to trade programs.

Are you. . .

  • looking to complete your high school diploma
  • looking to meet college or university course entrance requirements
  • 18 years of age or older and have been out of school for 1 year


Adults can further their educational, career and personal goals through the Adult Education program by:

  • earning Quebec high school credits
  • completing course requirements to apply to college or university
  • improving opportunities for employment


If you have completed the requirements for a high school diploma and require assistance to apply to post-secondary or trades, we can assist you with:

  • information on colleges, universities and trades programs
  • completing application forms
  • completing scholarship forms


How to Apply for the Adult Education Program


You will meet with the AN-HRSD Community Coordinator and bring the following:

  • Long-form Birth Certificate
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Quebec Health Insurance Card
  • High School Transcript

 If you do not have your birth certificate, SIN or Quebec Health Insurance Card, the AN-HRSD Community Coordinator will assist you in obtaining these documents.


As part of the application process, you will also meet with the AN-HRSD Adult Education Support Services Worker.

If you do not have an official copy of your high school transcript, the Adult Education Support Services Worker will assist you in obtaining a copy. The fee for transcripts are $10.


The final step is to meet with CSLT Orientation Counsellor, to share your educational goals and to determine the number of high school credits you will need to complete to earn your high school diploma.


From the Students

Keenan – “The best way to predict the future is to create it, so get to school.”

Paul – “School is a small step to a big future.”

Bryan – “The river of knowledge flows before you, will you take a drink?”

James – “You won’t receive stars in Adult Education, but when all is done and your career is flaring, you can then buy the stars that spell your name.”

Kristen – “In order to succeed in life and have the best potential, you must get a good education.”

Crystal – “This education program is the key I’m using to unlock a better future.”

Kaleigh – “We do not want riches, but we want to train our children right. Riches would do us no good. We could not take them with us to the other world. We do not want riches, we want peace and love.”  – Red Cloud, Ogala Sioux Chief.

Austin – “You can’t just wait for miracles to happen. Sometimes you have to become the miracle to happen. Get yourself out there with high hopes of success.”


From the Staff

Tony – “The best natural high comes at the end of hard work.”

Julie – “It’s never too late to go back to school and get that wonderful feeling when you accomplish something that you have already started.”

Dianna – “You can complete your high school diploma through the Adult Education in our community. A high school diploma offers a lifetime of opportunities. You will be better prepared for a job. You will be able to apply to trades programs, college or university.”