AN-HRSD Programs


The programs AN-HRSD offers are to our eligible clientele from the community of Timiskaming First Nation. The eligibility to these programs are based upon the recommendations of the AN-HRSD CC (Community Coordinator) which takes place after meeting and working on a “Back to Work Action Plan”.


To assist the client who is seeking to ensure self-employment by setting up a small-for-profit business based on their business plan and devoting their efforts towards accomplishing their plan or expanding their business.

Job Creation Partnerships

To provide clients who may have job integration difficulties, to experience a job allowing them to demonstrate their know-how and abilities surrounded by skilled workers. To provide an incentive to employers to enable them to appreciate the skills, aptitudes and behaviors of the participant. 

The goal is to contribute to the adaptation of employees likely to become chronically unemployed by providing training and work experience, thus helping them find jobs in areas with better employment potential.

Trades and Apprenticeships

Promoting skilled trades and apprenticeships to further mobility amongst First Nation clientele in the Red Seal Trades which include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrician, plumbing
  • Carpentry
  • Cook & baking promotion and training
  • Mechanic promotion and training
  • Hairstylist promotion and training
  • Masonry/bricklayer promotion and training
  • Heavy equipment operator promotion and training

Adult Education

This 10 month program is for our eligible community members. This component of our Adult Education deals specifically with individuals seeking to attain their high school grade 12 diploma.

On-the-Job Training

Hands-on work experience as identified by the targeted employer and specific training/tasks will vary depending on type of OJT (On the Job Training) required. Clients may receive wage subsidy’s but this is decided on a “case-by-case” basis. 

Summer Student Work Experience

AN-HRSD's First Nation community, Timiskaming First Nation and their local employers will be submitting applications to hire an Aboriginal student(s) to provide meaningful work experience in the field of their studies/interests.

This program is available to our eligible First Nation students who meet the criteria to work and have submitted an application along with a cover letter, references and resume. Examples of summer work employment included, but are not limited to: Early Childhood Educator, Personal Support Worker, Dietician, Mechanic, Maintenance, Administration, etc.

Client Supports

In order to maintain and/or retain employment, eligible clientele may request assistance in the following as long as it reflects their long term goals as specific in their back to work action plans; Possible areas where clients may require support and upgrading of certificates includes, but not limited to: medicals, criminal records checks, bus passes/travel, daycare allowance, living allowances, boots, hardhats, ear protection, safety vests, and other required equipment. 

Mobility Assistance

This program is provided in two parts:

  1. Provide financial support to those who are currently unemployed in order for them to work in places out of the region (ex. Detour – Timmins).
  2. To enable a worker who cannot find suitable employment locally to attend a confirmed job interview and/or firm job offer.

Community Capacity Building Program

To assist the member community, organizations and businesses to build the capacity needed to achieve long-range human resources development. The program supports the anishinabe culture and identity by offering holistic, integrated and common solutions to facilitate employment, economic development and organizational growth.

Job Entry

To help individuals experiencing difficulties in finding a job to:

  • Acquire pre-employment training, including life and work skills;
  • Secure the minimal academic background training needed for employment;
  • Get specific training for a job at the end of the project.

Clients who require individual training based on EAS (Employment Assistance Services) recommendations and established “Back to Work Action Plans” will be offered assistance in order to support their entry or re-entry into the labour market. Such assistance can be offered, but not limited to, the following: Training allowances, Travel, and Tuition.

General Labour Market Measures

To offer productive short-term jobs to unemployed individuals by creating jobs that would otherwise not exist and help them become more active members of the workforce through work related training and experience.

Purchase of Training

To help workers and non-workers to acquire new skills and improve their employability through courses purchased from specialized organizations.