Success Stories

Success Stories

From the Ground Up!

The objective of this project was to provide Youth under the age of 30 with practical real life work experience in the field of carpentry. In addition to the main objective, it is also our goal to give them an opportunity to access this training in order to improve their employability while instilling some necessary life skills. It was our hope that this project would either encourage our Youth to return to school or continue on with vocational training in carpentry.

To accomplish our objective we developed a list of skills our Youth participants needed in order to gain a well-rounded experience. To realize our vision we recruited 6 Youth under 30 who met our program eligibility requirements and began to train them. The training/work experience was a learning experience for both the participants and ourselves.

At the end of the training the Carpenter Trainee was expected to have the following:

• Practical knowledge of carpentry and building maintenance

• Practical knowledge of safe operation of basic hand and power tools

• Practical knowledge of workplace safety and safe lifting and handling procedures

• Knowledge of basic shop mathematics to calculate metric conversations and materials needed for jobs

The success of this project was only possible through the partnerships with Timiskaming First Nation Housing, Timiskaming First Nation Social Assistance, CMHC and our offices. To date, two of the participants have returned to school and two have found employment.